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Our Team

Dr.Sridhar Namballa

Chief Advisor,Co-Founder & Designer

He is Pricipal Member Technical Staff at Oracle. His specialities is JAVA,J2EE,Struts,Spring,Hibernate, MySql,Oracle,HTML,DHTML,Javascript,AJAX. And he is working in Oracle, Yahoo, Sanovi Technologies and GITAM University.


Nagu Vikram

CEO & Co-founder

He is Chief Executive officer of Etuka.And also lead and manage this website. He is Executive Chairman of Etuka Group.He is completed graduation in Govt.Degree college Tuni.


Vijay Kumar Thantapureddy

COO & Co-founder

He is Chief Operating Officer of Etuka.He is Vice Chairman of Etuka Group and Marketing Director. He is lead and manage this website. He is completed graduation in Govt.Degree college Tuni.


Vanimina Ramesh Kumar

Sales Director of Etuka

He is head of Sales Department of Etuka. And he is also lead and manage Etuka Constructions. His completed graduation in Govt.Degree College Tuni


Yedla Venkat Raju

Art Designer

He is a Art Desinger of Etuka.And he is also controlling social media markating of Etuka


If you are a


we empathize with you. We understand that your sales have fragmented and margins have dropped due to increasing competition while your expenses are rising every day. You are also challenged with limited trustworthy work-force to add on physical stores. No matter what you do, how much you do, it will always fall short before a customer. For you, we are the digital platform that will help you stretch your market boundaries, offer 24x7 customer service and a bouquet of other solutions to make yourself a preferred sourcing partner. Enjoy hassle free selling anywhere, anytime.


we understand the daunting task you face to achieve marketing efficiency and adhere to constantly changing regulations and compliances. We also understand that you wish to use the best-in-class ERP solutions to manage your businesses for which you often face resistance from stakeholders in the supply chain. Come on board as we connect you directly with your consumer and help you build business intelligence on consumer buying behaviour. Our tech-enabled distribution & fulfilment solution will allow you to get real time visibility of stock at various distribution points of the supply-chain. Digital information flow will further extend agility to comply with regulations.


we understand that we don’t know each other and committing to this relationship is a difficult call for both of us. Albeit, we promise you that our INTENT, at all times, will be to make a very genuine attempt at it. We understand that you are bored with clichéd conversations and we are bored with amateur knowledge-building ones. Let’s talk if you are serious in partnering with us in getting this industry upto speed with the 21st century.

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